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Project Description
This project contains code, videos and hands on labs which demonstrate best practices in building WPF experiences using technologies such as Windows Azure, SQL Data Services, LiveID and Infragistics UI Controls.

Using Aqua
Although Aqua is a reference application, it is designed to mimic a realistic healthcare application, simulating a health information system designed for use by doctors and nurses in an Emergency Department at a hospital. All the patient names and data are fictitious, but the clinical data was built to simulate realistic patient data to the degree possible.

Note that to run Aqua, you need to install some basic software components. Details for installing these components are described in the Release Notes and in the first Hands-on-Lab (see below), so a quick review of the lab will help if you are not familiar with the technologies illustrated in Aqua.

The Username for accessing Aqua is while the Password is infradoc1.

There are 17 patients in Aqua and selection of any patient will allow you to explore Aqua's capabilities. However, the first 2 patients in the patient list (John Rizzo & Duncan Jeldree) have data for several visits or admittances to the hospital, so exploring Aqua using these patients will allow the best illustration of the applications's functionality.

Project Plans - the Road Ahead
Learn about the plans for a cool learning tool covering Windows Azure, Healthcare, MVVM, LiveID, and ADO.NET Data Services. Also, read about what you can expect to see over the next few weeks.
Blog: Windows Azure, Healthcare, MVVM, WPF, ADO.NET Data Services

For a comprehensive project overview, and to view the early stages of the product, watch this video:
Video: Aqua Project Overview

To learn about the personas used to build this project, read the persona overview here:
Personas and Scenarios

Hands on Labs
In hands-on-lab #1, you are introduced to the Aqua project and will build out various areas of the prototype and learn what the project will ultimately look like.
Lab #1 - Prototyping Aqua

In hands-on-lab #2, you learn how to use Windows Azure Blob Storage in a WPF rich client application.
Lab #2 - Using Azure Blob Storage Video - Lab #2 Overview Video - Customizing xamCarouselListBox Video - Column Customization in xamDataGrid

In hands-on-lab #3, you are learn about the data access strategy in Aqua, and how to implement an ADO.NET Data Services/Entity Framework solution using MVVM.
Lab #3 - Doing ADO.NET Data Services Video - Project Aqua Review & Summary

Windows Azure Learning Resources
Videos; "How Do I?" Videos for the Azure Services Platform

User Interface Walkthrough
The user interface for this application uses a Tile Panel layout, which works well for the scenario we are hitting - Emergency Room Doctors who are treating multiple patients.
Video; User Interface Interactions with Tile Panels

This is an example of the Tile Panel UI:

Blogs on Aqua

Obama, Healthcare, & Aqua - Read about how Aqua builds upon our president's heathcare initiative for the US and some of the early UX activities that shaped the application's design.
Blog: Obama, Healthcare, & Aqua

The Aqua Workspace Panel - Read one engineer's look into how WPF and Silverlight Panels work and how this knowledge was utilized for the Aqua user interface.
Blog: WPF Panels and the Aqua Workspace Panel

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